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"The Quik! Database Connector made it easy for us to deploy an application that seamlessly integrates with several databases through a single API. The QDBC helped us manage our development and ongoing maintenance costs while enabling us to go to market faster."
- Mitch Rodriguez, Fidelity RIA Group

Quik! Technology Solutions For Forms Automation Quik! enables any application with forms and data integration Quik!'s robust technology platform makes it easy to achieve goals faster, with less cost Generate, prefill, save, submit, process electronic form data Develop straight-through-processing and back-office integration Integrate any application with over 30 data sources
Power your solution with Quik!
Quik! is more than just a library of forms, our underlying technology can be used by anyone seeking ways to extend their infrastructure and applications with forms and CRM database integration. Using our technology will enable you to prefill, process and save forms, and/or read data from over 30 data sources - all through a single API.
We also have a generous partner program for companies who wish to offer Quik! within their solution.
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Contact us to see how our technologies can power your solutions to deliver prefilled forms, process data and/or integrate with any data source.
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The best way to see how our technologies work is to try one our Quik! Transaction Manager product (prefills forms using data from a local or web CRM).
Quik! For Developers:
- Prefill Forms: Quik! Web Forms Engine
- Save Forms: Quik! Forms Repository
- Use Form Data: Quik! Forms Data Engine
- CRM Integration: QDBC