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"We went live with the Quik! Web Forms Engine in May 2005, and our users couldn't imagine living without the automated product company forms that Quik! provides."
- Darren Tedesco, Commonwealth Financial Services, Inc.

The Quik! Developer product family is a suite of products designed to help solution developers automate their forms-related processes, from connecting to client data sources, pre-filling industry forms, to digitally signing and archiving the forms, to submitting forms to the back-office for processing.

Quik! Developer Product Family   Enable Your Web or Desktop Applications With Quik! Technology
Generate Forms = QWFE Generate and prefill forms from any desktop- or web-based application
Submit Forms = QFDE Process electronically submitted form data from any form
Save Forms = QFR Enable users to save their forms without desktop software
Connect To Databases = QDBC Seamlessly connect your software to over 30 data sources

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