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QDBC - Overview  
Databases and CRMs
Forms Library
System Requirements
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Connect your application to over 30 data sources and CRM products.

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The QDBC was designed to make reading client and account data from data sources simple and transparent regardless of which data source your users is using. Quik! is a straight-forward component library that enables your application to offer seamless integration with your user's choice of data sources and CRMs.
  • Access over 30 data sources with a single set of code.
  • The QDBC is ideal for any application that needs client or account data from third-party data sources.
  • You're in control of the user experience and process.
  • There is no other product like the QDBC on the market.
  • QDBC technology has been in production by thousands of users since 2002.
Customer Experience
"The Quik! Database Connector made it easy for us to deploy an application that seamlessly integrates with several databases through a single API. The QDBC lowered our development and ongoing maintenance costs while enabling us to go to market faster."
 -Mitch Rodriquez,
Fidelity RIA Group
Is This Solution Right For You?
If You...
  • Need to integrate CRM data into your application
  • Are developing solutions that depend on third-party data
  • Want a single interface to over 30 data sources
Then this product is right for you.

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  How Does It Work?
The QDBC is an API that can be embedded in any desktop or web application for the purposes of communicating with local data sources and reading data into your application (note: data cannot be sent back to the data source).

Why Quik!? Quik! is the industry leader with over 50,000 users and is the only solution that enables customers and partners to fully control the user experience while delivering forms automation solutions.

Client Data Privacy
This website does not store or manage your client data. When forms are pre-filled, saved and submitted, the form data is only transmitted between your application and the user's browser, never to Quik!.