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Quik! Web Forms Engine - Overview  
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Generate prefilled forms from any web or desktop software application.

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The Quik! Web Forms Engine is the technology behind many of today's enterprise forms solutions, including all of the Quik! products that generate forms. Your web or desktop application can also offer prefilled forms, giving your users an experience that is entirely your own and within your control. The QWFE is a single API that is deployed within your Microsoft or JAVA application.
  • Reduce the time of finding and filling out forms by 75%.
  • Create a singular forms experience for your users.
  • Enforce your custom business rules and processes.
  • Control what users can do on the form once generated.
  • Establish a platform for straight-through-processing.
  • Increase user adoption of your forms initiatives.
Customer Experience
"We went live with the Quik! Web Forms Engine in May 2005, and our users couldn't imagine living without the automated product company forms that Quik! provides."
 -Darren Tedesco,
Commonwealth Financial Services, Inc.
Is This Solution Right For You?
If You...
  • Want to generate pre-filled, automated forms from your application
  • Are looking for a proven, mature product
  • Want to create straight-through-processing
Then this product is right for you.

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  How Does It Work?
The QWFE enables any application to generate forms. The QWFE software is simply an API that is embedded within your application to enable forms by mapping your data elements to the Quik! Field Definition.

Why Quik!? Quik! is the industry leader with over 50,000 users and is the only solution that enables customers and partners to fully control the user experience while delivering forms automation solutions.

Client Data Privacy
This website does not store or manage your client data. When forms are pre-filled, saved and submitted, the form data is only transmitted between your application and the user's browser, never to Quik!.